Paul Neil Photography

Wonderful event photos with photographer Paul Neil

A ‘cameraman character’ event photographer who will join and work with your organizing team and at your event, create a fabulous collection of pics edited, enhanced and delivered to you in 48 hours. Dressed smartly as a ‘vintage cameraman’ with hat and jacket, Paul will sweep around your event, thrilling and entertaining all your guests, requesting photos in his polite and charming but confident and assertive manner. A memorable and wonderful addition to your event.

Contact information

55 Bevington Street
Qld 4017
0449 660 473
00 0000 0000
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What's on offer

Services Provided

  • Wonderful photos of your upcoming event that capture all the fun and spirit of the occasion
  • Have your pics within 48 hours to share while everyone is still on a high from your event
  • A personable photographer who loves being with your guests and working with any event team
  • Guaranteed 100 % refund if you are not completely thrilled with your photos


  • Photos of day or night events & conventions

    Paul will capture all the fun and laughter at your next big event or convention.

  • Images of festivals and events for young people

    Paul is a photographer who likes to be with people living and loving life.

  • Great community and corporate event pics

    Paul's photographs only show people at their BEST!